'Twilight' Teaser Trailer #2 Is Here: OME, OME, OME! Um, What Do YOU Think?

TwilightBy Sabrina Rojas Weiss

OK, I'll try to be a little more articulate than that headline there. But, wow, the latest trailer has been posted over at Yahoo!, and it's better than I'd even hoped.

There's more evidence of that electric current between Edward and Bella, but it's great to see the action sequences actually matching that excitement. Most of us have read the book and know how the chase ends, which makes it all the more important for these scenes to be thrilling and for Cam Gigandet's James to seem truly threatening.

Judging by the reaction of another fellow MTV Twilighter, I'm not alone: "This trailer is way more exciting than the first teaser, but I think they did the right thing focusing on Bella and Edward initially," digital producer Rachel Josue offered. "Now, introducing the dangers involved makes everyone want more. James saying 'You brought a snack' was chilling!"

I know some of you have unbridled affection for everything related to this movie, but until the day I actually see it, I'll be worried about whether the flick will match the story in my head. Still, this latest trailer has my hopes up.

We'll leave the detailed analysis of the trailer for later. In the meantime, take time out from hitting "replay" on the video, and tell us what you think. Record your reactions and upload them to YouRHere.mtv.com now! (Don't forget to tag them as "Twilight," so we can find them.)