Patrick Wilson Says 'Watchmen' Ending Remains The Same

Patrick Wilson in 'Watchmen'Let's say by some feat of luck, skill, or thievery, you somehow got your hands on the script for the much-anticipated "Watchmen" -- you still wouldn't know everything they filmed, Patrick Wilson ("Nite Owl") tells us -- because Zack Snyder and company squeezed in "lots of little things," both as extra lines not on the page and as visuals not directly related to the scene, that they expect only hard-core fans will notice or appreciate. That is, if it all makes it in.

"Zack tried to put everything he could in," Wilson said, "and he left it to the studio to cut it and tell him what he can't fit in. For the script we started with, every scene has something different than what's on the page. That’s the fun of it, building it as you go."

For instance, in the Owl Chamber - the Nite Owl's equivalent of the Batcave ("the comparisons to Batman are perfect and right on, because no one is trying to say that they're all that different, it's all done on purpose," Wilson smiled) -- there is a picture of the Twilight Lady, a costumed female supervillain, dressed in leather, holding a riding crop. "That's a character thing," Wilson said. "We don't have a scene about her, we don't talk about her, but at least we have the picture of her."

And where they could, Wilson said they added "little lines here and there" to give the characters more of their backstories, since so much had been abbreviated in the course of adapting the dense work. "Zack loves the graphic novel and he wants to tell the most faithful story he could," Wilson said, "but obviously, changes had to be made, things had to be cut. Yet any question I had about adding something, if it helped the scene, he would say, 'Sure, if it works, great.'"

Wilson knew of "Watchmen" but hadn't read it until this part came along, and then he was "blown away." "To me, this is the gospel as far as I'm concerned," he said. "I love everything Alan Moore does. He really deconstructs comic book characters, and he's just fearless. All the good and the bad, you have to respect it."

Which is why, despite any rumors circulating, they're not changing the ending of "Watchmen" so much that fans won't recognize it, by giving it say, a happy ending where Rorschach saves the day. "Ha!" Wilson laughed. "I have to say, if you know how much Zack believes in it, you wouldn't believe he would go that far from the graphic novel. I don't know how those rumors start, but that'd be a stretch!"

Are you relieved that the film will keep true to the book's ending? And how psyched are you for that March 6th release date? Chime in below!