OME! Go Behind-The-Scenes With Robert Pattinson!

Our Robert Pattinson Super-Duper "Twilight" Tuesday Spectacular just went live over at, and I do sincerely hope that you enjoy spending the day with your favorite actor in the "Twilight" universe.

I have to say from a personal standpoint, that as I've interviewed the stars of the December 12th film over the past few months and gotten to know them, they really are as nice, normal and down-to-earth as you would hope. There's Mike/Mike (who does a mean Peter Griffin imitation), Jackson Rathbone (whom I had a great conversation with about our shared love of all things Daniel Johnston), and so many others. Often when I meet a new person who finds out what I do for a living, their first question is "So, which celebrities are the biggest jerks in real life?" Thanks to "Twilight," I have a few new names of nice celebs to drop, so I can balance out my karma.

RPattz, however, might just be the coolest. Some jealous guys will always look at him and think "pretty boy," but he's as carefree and sloppy as the rest of us dudes – he just looks a lot better in that jeans and t-shirt combo. Rob is happy to answer any question you could throw his way, is a talented actor, and gets a kick out of all the "Twilight" insanity that just makes him that much more fun to watch.

In honor of Mr. Ransom's "Twilight" Tuesday, I wanted to post this fun video we shot a few weeks back, when Rob stopped in to the MTV studios to surprise our contest winner Laura Culpepper. While I snuck into the newsroom to make sure Laura was ready to get Punk'd, our trusty cameraman Dave Harrison set up his mic and did an impromptu interview with RPattz. They discuss the enthusiasm of the Twilighters, what makes the books work, and then he tells a hilarious story about one Twilight Mom who may have taken things a wee bit too far.

It's a rare glimpse at behind-the-scenes RPattz, and it's like you're right there in the studio with him and Dave. Hope you enjoy!

OK, Twilighters, here’s your "Twilight" Tuesday question o' the week: Clearly, Robert Pattinson is on the verge of a major Hollywood breakthrough that will make the studios want to put him into other franchises. Which famous movie character – Jack Ryan? Superman? James Bond?  - would he be perfect to play, and why?