The NY Times Catches 'Twilight' Fever

Kristen StewartFirst MTV, then "Entertainment Weekly," and now the hallowed newspaper of record? It's official: The world has caught on to a secret Twilighters have known for years.

Still, it's hard to not be surprised when you open up the 150-year-old New York Times and see an article about Stephenie Meyer's 21st-century pop culture juggernaut. The Gray Lady, it seems, is trying to get hip.

In the interest of saving you 75 cents, here's the link to the column, written by Gail Collins and entitled "Virginal Goth Girl."

"Every so often, I discover that the whole world seems obsessed with a pop-culture phenomenon that I've missed out on completely," she writes.

Referring to the books as "The Twilights" (she'd better get as much hate mail as I did when I called you guys "Twi Hards"! Just kidding), she goes down some familiar paths discussing Stephenie's creations -- but hey, at least she spelled her name right, which is more than most news outlets do.

Where the article gets interesting is when Collins discusses a generation of girls growing up with the supposedly unrealistic expectation of finding a hunk like Edward who just wants to cuddle. Meanwhile, she says, a generation of boys are growing up expecting their soulmate to resemble a pornstar.

Do you agree with the theory, or is she reading too much into Meyer's main man?