'The Dark Knight' Took Over New York City, And Our Intern Steve Was There!

Hi, everyone! My name is Steve, and I'm an intern for MTV News in New York. I was sent on a special bat-mission to cover a mysterious "Dark Knight" viral event that took place on Tuesday night. Those in downtown Manhattan near City Hall around 10pm probably noticed more than just tourists and businessmen. We didn't know what to expect, but hundreds of Batman fans were out in force to experience a scavenger hunt-inspired chase, one of a series of events that have taken place across the country to promote the film.

Fans waited in excitement at a park for a clue as to what was going to take place. I was down in the area recording all the action, and it turned into quite an exciting evening. Fans dressed up in all kinds of outfits; from bat costumes to Joker faces...the Batman fashion was certainly part of the evening. I felt a bit out of place wearing my 3-button shirt, but I did wind up snagging a free Batman tee.

The first wave of craziness began when a Dominos Pizza delivery driver brought free pizzas to the waiting fans. Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough to grab a slice.

Inside one of the boxes was a clue to the location of that night's event. Once the clue was revealed, a stampede of bat aficionados stormed their way through the streets to find the next clue. It seemed as if we were all just playing follow the leader. It was mass chaos. Picture the battle scene from "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" when the horses charge onto the orcs in front of Minas Tirith. Ok, not quite as many people (and no horses), but you get the picture.

After running for about 10 minutes, we discovered that we had taken a wrong turn, and headed back in the other direction. We reached a park outside of the Woolworth building, where it seemed as if some people knew what was going on. Some people joked with others saying, "Look, it's Batman...just kidding." Or, "the Batmobile is driving up the street." I did turn my head a few times just to check if they were serious.

After waiting around for a few minutes, a light shined up above. The bat-signal was projected onto the Woolworth building. The fans cheered and rushed closer to get a better look. A few fans tried to enter the building, thinking there was more to see than just the bat signal. But after waiting a while longer, the bat signal proved to be the only event of the night. Many of the fans were pleased, but some were still eager for more.

Overall, the event was a success. We all ran a few miles (I did break a sweat), we got more excited for "The Dark Knight," and now, if you walk down Broadway and happen to stop at the Woolworth building, tilt your head up, and you'll see the bat signal shining in "The Dark Night."

Have you attended any of "The Dark Knight" events? Does this make you even more excited for one of the biggest films of the year? Chime in below!