'Twilight' Makes The Cover Of 'EW': What Do You Think?

My first thought is: WOW! "Twilight" made the cover of "Entertainment Weekly"!

I guess this means the cat is officially out of the bag, Twilighters. The little secret that you folks have lovingly shared for years is now famous enough to sell big-time magazines. And after the high-visibility release of next month's "Breaking Dawn" and all the TV appearances, billboards and events that will build up to the movie’s release (including Comic-Con later this month), it's just going to continue to grow.

But my second thoughts have to do with the image itself: First off, is that even Kristen Stewart? Wow, she looks so completely different than she does in real life! Honestly, she seems so glammed out to me that the girl-next-door charms of Stewart (and Bella for that matter) seem to have been muted, replaced instead with what looks like a generic woman on the cover of a Fabio romance novel.

Then there's RPattz: That patch of bare chest will undoubtedly make a few thousand fangirls swoon. But when you read the books, did you guys imagine Edward's bod to be quite so ... well ... pasty? As an Irish guy, I can tell you: It's hard to land a girl when your chest is whiter than Ed Begley Jr. at a Wu-Tang Clan concert. Sure, it warms the heart to see the "Twilight" film sticking close to the undead realm Stephenie Meyer imagined, but let's just hope Catherine Hardwicke inserts a scene where Edward spends some quality time on the beach.

But seriously: I do like the cool touch of having Bella hold the apple, and overall I think the image does a fine job of coveying the epic quality of their romance. You can clearly see that this is Romeo and Juliet, not another lame Matthew McConaughey-Kate Hudson flick using romance as a gimmick to suck $10 out of your pocket on date night. Get ready, Twilighters, because a whole lot of new fans are about to be vamped.

Enough about my thoughts: What do you think about the "EW" cover? How would you have done it differently, if at all? And how do you feel about the "Twilight" fanbase growing by leaps and bounds?