Robert Downey Jr. Is Sherlock Holmes! Unfortunately Guy Ritchie Is Directing

Robert Downey Jr. I felt guilty even as I wrote that headline. Guy Ritchie is a cool guy. I was pleasantly surprised at how pleasant he was to chat with a few months back. I came away really liking him. Problem was that film ("Revolver") was kind of unwatchable and a lot of his recent stuff hasn't really been all that great.

So as much it might sound like brilliant casting for Robert Downey Jr. to play perhaps the most famous detective in literary history, I worry. Not for Downey who will surely make something arresting and innovative out of the part but really, does it have to be helmed by Guy? Does anything on his resume give you hope he has a Sherlock tale in him? As I said, I worry.

Am I being too tough on Guy? Am I missing something here? What kind of a Holmes do you think Downey will be? And here's a question to ponder: who should play Watson?!?