'Twilight' Star Mike Welch Reveals Plans To Go From Bloodsuckers To Samurai Swords

Michael WelchReporting by Elena Torres

Michael Welch is a little too cute to be that geeky guy who just can't score the girl in high school, don't you think? At least that was my opinion when I learned he had been cast as Mike Newton in "Twilight." Apparently, a lot of Hollywood execs feel the same way, as Welch has revealed to MTV News that he is in talks for an untitled action flick that could bring out his innermost action hunk.

"I actually just got an offer for a post-apocalyptic, samurai, futuristic western," said the 20-year-old actor, who will become legal on the 25th (the line starts with me, ladies!). "It looks awesome. I just read the script the other day, it looks so cool!"

While little is know about the project, this much is clear: It would be one of Welch's most high-profile film roles to date, and its post-"Twilight" release could cement him as one of Hollywood's rising talents.

"It's something to look for in a couple years from now," Welch said of the movie. "We haven't even started filming."

But before you begin imagining Mike Newton drop-kicking baddies and running up walls a la Jackie Chan, Welch wants to clarify one thing: He won't be playing the samurai. "I don't know which role I'd be," said the actor, who auditioned for two other "Twilight" roles before landing Newton. "I'd probably be maybe the samurai's apprentice, something like that."

If the role sounds familiar, perhaps you've seen Jackie Chan's recent "Forbidden Kingdom," in which he mentored Michael Angarano. Angarano’s girlfriend in real life? Kristen Stewart! See that? Circle of life.

Welch expects further details on the film to develop in the weeks to come. In the meantime, he can offer little more than a humble suggestion on what they could call the film. "Maybe it'll be 'The Untitled Mike Welch Samurai Film'," he laughed.

Which would you rather see: Mike/Mike as a badass samurai, or a geeky apprentice?