The Bella Cullen Project Unveils New 'Twilight' Song

Bella Cullen ProjectWith six months still remaining until the "Twilight" movie hits theaters, fans are getting all the more eager for anything involving the forbidden romance of Edward and Bella. Luckily, The Bella Cullen Project is here to keep our fingers snapping, toes tapping, and sexy vampires on our mind.

Last week, MTV had the pleasure of traveling to Arlington Texas to catch up with Ally, Chandler and Tori, the three high school sophomores whose tunes pay tribute to the words of Stephenie Meyer. I had seen their MySpace page and heard some of their songs, but I was honestly amazed by how pretty their voices and melodies are, and with lyrics like "Edward's so hot he can set the house on fire/he's a sexy vampire," these teens already have more talent than all the Pussycat Dolls put together.

For this week's "Twilight Tuesday" festivities, we just published an interview with the girls, as well as the world premiere of the video for "Out of the Blue," the first song off their new album. It comes out next week, and can be purchased on their website and their MySpace. I don't know about you guys, but I think "Out of the Blue" would make a perfect song to play over the "Twilight" end credits this December.

While we were in Texas, BCP also unveiled a song so brand spankin' new that it isn't even on their record. The ditty is called "It's Recreation, Not Suicide" a reference any Twilighter worth their salt would catch, as you can see from the fan reaction on the attached video of their first-ever live performance of the song.

"It's pretty much about Bella in 'New Moon' when she jumps off the cliff," explained Ally to us. "Which is the point of the title."

"It's just saying that everybody thinks she's killing herself or that she's dead or whatever," added Tori, who doubles as the band's guitarist. "But the fans know and you know what's going on, but nobody else does."

"And it's a really empowering song for girls," added Chandler. "Because she's kind of saying, ‘You've done this to me, I can still be a strong person. In your face!' It's just a fun song."

The song is also notable because it shows how the BCP are expanding their musical talents. Tori's guitar playing gets much more intense, and Ally chimes in with a tambourine.

"I definitely think we're growing as musicians," explained Chandler. "Because the more experience we get, the more fine-tuned our music gets, along with our performing. We've started working harder on our songs and how we write them and how we perform them, and we've been more particular."

"We've been trying to put more instruments in: violas, basses, tambourines," agreed Tori. "We've been throwing everything in there that we have at our houses. I think our music is definitely getting better; it's definitely getting more awesome."

I know I couldn't agree more. So press "play" and take a look at "Recreation," which the band hopes to put on a future record somehwere down the road. And be sure to visit their site and grab a copy of their self-title debut next week, which features a picture of the girls with a Bella Cullen-truck lookalike on the cover. These girls might not be the only "Twilight" band out there, but judging by their recent performance, they're definitely one of the best.

Okay everyone, here's your Twilight Tuesday question of the week: Pretend you're Catherine Hardwicke, and it was time to think music. Which Bella Cullen Project song would you want to put on the "Twilight" soundtrack, and during which scene would you have it playing?