'Friends' Movie Reportedly In Development, But Does Anyone Still Care?

'Friends'Article by Stephanie Simon

With the outstanding commercial success of the "Sex and the City" movie, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood tried to dust off another New York City TV gang. According to a report in the British tabloid "The Daily Mail," a long-awaited (maybe) big-screen adaptation of the hit TV series "Friends" might be on the way.

The paper reports that all six cast members have agreed to reprise their roles, but did you worry that your favorite "Friends" would be booked solid (::cough:: Matt LeBlanc)? And after SATC raked in $300 mil earned at the box office, even the busiest of schedules have a way of loosening up.

But is a "Friends" film even a good idea? Sure, "Sex and the City" made the transition from small screen success to blockbuster hit. But the SATC series had certain elements that made it especially well-suited for the big screen -- glamorous fashions, outrageous storylines and an insanely devoted following of movie-going fans.

It also spent less time in mothballs before coming to theaters (SATC made fans wait four years between the end of the series and the arrival of the film; "Friends" has also been off the air for four years, but considering that a "Friends" flick is still little more than a rumor, the wait could go on for another few years). But we are talking about one of the most successful sitcoms of all time. More than 52 million people tuned in to see how it all wrapped up...would they come back for a film?

Would you? Do you miss your "Friends" enough to plunk down money for a ticket? Let us know what you think.