Director Guillermo Del Toro Answers Your 'Hobbit' Questions

Recently, we solicited blog readers to submit their own questions for "Hobbit" helmer Guillermo del Toro, and dozens of you did. Well now we have the results of that conversation; the first part went up here -- wherein he discusses when we'll find out a title, which familiar faces may return and more -- and now we have the second part of our fruitful interview. Below, find out which dwarf is closest to his heart, where Ron Perlman could fit and other delightful tidbits. (And don't forget to check out more from our interview with Guillermo Del Toro here.)

Q: Can we expect that parallel events, such as the siege of Dol Guldur and the meeting of the White Council, events alluded to but not seen in "The Hobbit," will occur in your second film. In other words, is there anything you can definitively point to and say, "Yes, that is in my outline?" -- Gustavo Braga

Guillermo del Toro: I am not at liberty to answer. There is a sniper aiming at my head. But I WILL smile enigmatically. Good question!

Q: In the WETA chat, someone asked if you would consider Ron Perlman as the voice of Smaug. You indicated that you had another actor in mind but then added, "but I have other plans for RP." Beorn? -- One

Del Toro: I will not say anything right now because I think the reality is that until we write the script, it would be a crime to precast the movie. We got to see where the pages take us and then say, 'Yep, this is it.' If you pre commit yourself and don't do it, it's a disaster as opposed to doing it the logical way. I hope he's in it. If he's not in it, I know we will still be friends. Only if there is room for them, will I bring them forth. [Note: del Toro had a wicked smile on his face throughout this answer]

Q: The only frame of reference most movie goers have for the dwarves is Gimli in the Peter Jackson films. The character design there relied heavily on form obscuring body armor and facial prosthetics. But the dwarves in "The Hobbit" are 'traveling light' and by stealth for most of the film. You are going to presumably have THIRTEEN actors needing some freedom to bring their characters to life. Any thoughts on how the production/costume/make-up design of the dwarves may be dialed back? -- Champaign Carl

Del Toro: Listen, the dwarves are such an important thematic component of this film. I think, for example, that Smaug's greed and arrogance is an extension of Thorin's own. I think the change that operates in the dwarves and Thorin when they finally achieve their goal is so important that we cannot have the luxury of having them simply as supplemental characters. I think that there are three starring roles in the entire film: Thorin, Gandalf, and Bilbo -- while the whole time the shadow of Smaug looms large. The whole thing, the whole quest is permeated by his shadow.

But to answer properly, these characters will be fully realized from head to toe in the movie - all thirteen of them.

Q: Is Thorin your favorite dwarf? Do you have one among the thirteen? -- MTV News

Del Toro: Yeah, Thorin. You know, I always go back to the final moment between Thorin and Bilbo and I think that's such a wonderful, moving, incredibly humane moment. That relationship for me the most important relationship in the film, in a strange way. All the other things are there but I think if you wanted to have an emotionally relevant story, that is it; the story of somebody creating an alliance and then the breaking of alliance on ethical principles. I think that's very powerful.