Guillermo Del Toro Plans On Giving Fans Chance to Star In 'The Hobbit'

Guillermo del ToroYesterday, we had a chance to visit with director Guillermo del Toro to talk about his latest film, "Hellboy II: The Golden Army," but we couldn't resist the opportunity to go digging for news on "The Hobbit" as well. So we put out the call to fans, asking them to submit their questions and we'd bring 'em along. And boy did they ever. Read Part I about what del Toro had to say regarding "The Hobbit."

But the biggest news? It came from a question I thought would be a joke.

"Who do I have to kill or sleep with to get a role as an extra?" user Mike Moore asked.

"Oh my god, well that's a good question only in that it's asked often," del Toro said, chuckling. "[But] I believe as the film comes to happen, in either of the two films, [fans] have a good chance of being there."

You can (and should) watch del Toro's hilarious response to the question below. But in the meantime, consider this: Del Toro wasn't kidding. And it won't cost you a dime, Mr. Moore.

"Sleep with a lot of people if you can! That's a very good piece of advice. But don't bribe anyone. It will be wasted money," del Toro said, laughing. "We will set some rules and some contests and some fans will definitely get the chance of being extras. Go and apply for those roles!"

We'll continue to bring you more news on these contests as they develop.

But while we're waiting: will you be entering these fan contests? And, if so, what scene in "The Hobbit" would you kill to be a part of in some capacity? Sound off below.