Dominos Delivers Up 'The Dark Knight': See The Pizza Boxes Here

In the pantheon of legendary team-ups, who woulda thought one of the most interesting would be Batman and...the Noid? That's right, Dominos has joined forces with "The Dark Knight" and is plunging fullforce into Gotham City with a promotion that goes a tad beyond your average corporate partnership, and continues an impressive marketing campaign that's relied heavily on viral outreach.

Along with offering a specialty pizza, the company has launched a "'Dark Knight' Vault'" that contains such exclusive content as film clips, wallpapers, cast interviews, a preview for the upcoming production-centric art book, daily prizes and coolest of all, a brand-new trailer. You'll need to order a pie to gain access (you can also hit Google for that trailer); for now, we've got "The Dark Knight" pizza boxes for you to check out for full-size images.

(See the rest of the box art after the jump!)