Mike Welch Is Dazzled By One Of Our Favorite Twilighters

Mike Welch"Twilight" fans have always made their exuberance known, whether they're delivering gift baskets to the stars' hotel rooms, flooding our message boards with thousands of questions for their favorite actors, or attempting to send me into outer space. The enthusiasm reached an all new level recently, however, when Twilighters began posting on sites like TwilightLexicon.com that Mr. Mike Welch deserved his own day of "Twilight Tuesday" treatment.

Well, our interview with Mike/Mike just went live here, and he had a lot of fun things to say about the fanbase that loves him. But he also wanted our help in getting the word out to one particularly enthusiastic Twilighter.

"NoMoreMarbles, I'm sure she's watching," Mike laughed, referring to one of our all-time favorite Twilighters, who has made a name for herself uploading videos like this one. "I would like to have an interview with you."

Through various blogs, interviews, and videos, Mike has enjoyed forging a relationship with his new fans over the past few months. Recently, the efforts of NoMoreMarbles (whose real name is Bailey) have had him thinking, and if there's one thing we love doing at MTV, it's bringing the famous and the fanatical together.

"She said she wanted to do an interview with me," he explained, addressing Bailey directly. "Let's work that out! I don't know; have your people call mine?"

Explaining why he gave NoMoreMarbles the "Michael Welch Seal of Approval," he said: "She's this really funny girl who started putting up videos on YouTube about the cast, and about various things on 'Twilight.' She dedicated 4 minutes to me at some point, basically just putting different pictures that have gone on my website over the years that I forgot were even there…I mentioned that I had seen that on a blog, and she was very happy about that. And I was happy that she was happy…I hope she makes more videos."

Something tells me you won't have to lose any sleep over that one, Mike/Mike. In fact, Bailey probably already has her camera rolling at this very moment.

"There was a picture of me at some kind of animal-conservation thing in Florida," Welch said of just one of the long-forgotten photos NoMoreMarbles has dug up in the past. "I was 15! And she was like, 'Oh, he cares about animals! How lovely!' and just saying various things. [Then there] was one picture I put up where I was just making this crazy face, and she exploited it."

While the attached video might not be an extraordinary production of NoMoreMarbles caliber, something tells us it'll make Bailey's day. Oh, and if you want the chance to similarly interact with your favorite "Twilight" stars, be sure to keep uploading your videos to the You R Here blog, and we'll similarly bring 'em straight to the stars!

Okay guys, here's your official Twilight Tuesday question of the week: If you were stranded on a desert island from now until December 12th, which "Twilight" personality would you want to be there with you and why?