Seth Rogen Jokes About 'The Hills' In New Stand-Up Act

Did you hear the one about the internationally known comic who watches "The Hills"? There's no punch line to that, by the way. "That's the joke," Seth Rogen laughed, "the fact that I watch the f--king 'Hills.' "

It's actually not just one joke, but a bunch of jokes. And if you're lucky enough to be at the right L.A.-area comedy club this summer, you might hear 'em all, Rogen said. In preparation for the new Judd Apatow movie about the world of stand-up comedy, he'll be trying out a bunch of new material. His best stuff? Well, Spencer, Heidi and a rabbi walk into a bar ...

"I haven't done [stand-up] in almost eight or nine years," he confessed. "I've been writing some jokes. They're varying degrees of hilarious, [and the best stuff] is some 'Hills' jokes. I'm just writing on premises — I haven't really flushed it out yet.

"I watched the sh-t out of 'The Hills.' I don't know what else to say," he continued. "I watch the living crap out of it."

Rogen, in fact, admitted to being a little star-struck when he met the cast of the popular reality show at the MTV Movie Awards. Luckily, he had an in.

"Jonah [Hill] and Spencer went to high school together. They're boys. Like when Jonah saw Spencer, Spencer was like 'Jonah!' and he hugged him. 'You're like the greatest f--king thing ever!' " Rogen recalled, laughing mightily. "[And the funniest thing was] that he said all throughout high school, 'I'm going to be in a reality TV show one day.' Spencer said that."

All right, "Hills" fans, let's help out Seth. Give us your best "Hills" jokes here. Sound off below.