Kate Beckinsale Seeks 'Truth' As Reporter, Finds Jail To Protect Source

Kate BeckinsaleInterviewing the lovely Kate Beckinsale is always a treat, but we never expected that she might appreciate our chats as much as we do. The "Underworld" star recently charmed us by extolling the common ground between actors and journalists: "There are so many similar things...You really have to have a passion for either."

The British beauty gained a newfound respect for the journalistic profession, courtesy of her role in "Nothing But the Truth," an upcoming drama about an embattled reporter. "I play a journalist who exposes someone as a covert CIA operative and has to go to jail because she won't reveal her source," Beckinsale explained.

That series of events may seem ripped from the headlines, but don't cry biopic just yet. "I don't play Judith Miller," Beckinsale insisted, though she conceded, "But [my character] is a bit like Judith Miller." The topical flick, slated for a 2009 release, also stars Alan Alda, Matt Dillon, and David Schwimmer.

"Truth" is written and directed by Rod Lurie -- no stranger to political intrigue, with credits that include "The Contender" and the short-lived TV series "Commander in Chief." Beckinsale added, "[Lurie] was a journalist, so he really knows his stuff and that world is very familiar to him." The director previously explored the profession in last year's newspaper-reporter-meets-homeless-hero flick "Resurrecting the Champ."

But let's return to Beckinsale talking about how much ass we reporters kick. The starlet pondered the similarities between her job and ours, and noted the competitive angle in common: "You're always thinking, 'Why has that person got their story on the front page and I haven't?' And we spend a lot of time going, 'Why did she get that part and I didn't?'" Wow, she totally gets us.

In Beckinsale's eyes, the unstable lifestyles are also quite compatible: "You're constantly having to pack a bag and go somewhere, so your lifestyle is similar," she mused, perhaps remembering all those Vancouver trips to "Underworld" sets MTV News has made in years past. "[Those similarities] struck me, because I wasn't expecting that."