Casting Call: Who Should Join The Team For Marvel's 'Runaways'?

Marvel's 'Runaways'There was the Scooby Gang, there was the Buffy gang (who often called themselves the Scoobies), and then there are the Runaways (who don't call themselves anything). One's a witch, one's a mutant, one's an alien -- but they didn't know these things until they discovered that their parents were actually evil super-villains bent on destroying the world. So what did these teens do? They ran away, stealing whatever magical tools they could grab, and in so doing, became a misfit group of super-heroes, pledging to fight their parents and any other big bads who got in their way.

"Runaways" is a popular Marvel comic-book series, written by Brian K. Vaughan, who handed it over to Joss Whedon, and it's about to become a movie as well, with Vaughan scripting. We're confident he's got that covered, but what about the casting? Here are a few suggestions to get the "Runaways" moving.

ALEX WILDER -- He's the team's leader, thanks to his logic and strategy skills acquired from massive gameplaying, but he has no powers of his own. He has a dark side, though, since he secretly still sides with his supervillain parents, and plans to sell out the Runaways in the end. Whoever plays him needs to be able to suggest both intelligence and duplicity, so how about Hairspray scene-stealer Elijah Kelly? He'd be able to two-step any situation Alex lands in.

Runners-up: Mario and YouTuber Tay Zonday ("Chocolate Rain") also look the part.

NICO MINORU -- Also known as Sister Grimm. This Japanese-American goth witch later becomes the group leader, thanks to her weapon, the Staff of One, which can cast any spell she can think of, provided she never repeats it, and provided she's bleeding at the same time. We'd love to see Kill Bill's teenage assassin Chiaki Kuriyama in this role, but since she's still learning English, maybe not.

Runners-up: Devon Aoki would have Nico's deadpan look down, but "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" star Sophie Oda could be able to bring out her sweet side.

KAROLINA DEAN -- Also known as Lucy in the Sky. Karolina looks like a typical Hollywood starlet -- blonde and beautiful -- thanks to her actor parents, but she's actually from the planet Majesdane and has solar super-powers. Her parents kept this hidden from her, making her wear what she thought was a medic alert bracelet, which kept her in humanoid form. Once the bracelet comes off, though, she glows with a light that can be used for laser beams, blasts, and forcefields. Karolina's a bit lonely, too, and she has a crush on Nico. (Did we mention she's a lesbian?) Evan Rachel Wood could portray Karolina's alien angst.

Runners-up: "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart and Mischa Barton would be able to handle the gender-bending.

GERTRUDE YORKES -- Also known as Arsenic. Gert's parents were time-travelers, and on one of their expeditions, they brought her back a dinosaur, a deinonychus she calls Old Lace. They're telepathically bonded, and the dino is unconditionally loyal to Gert, so it's much more than just a powerful pet. Since the sarcastic Gert often feels insecure -- she's a little overweight and wears glasses -- she needs the support. (Think of her as the Velma of the group, but with purple hair.) Amazingly, though, the hottie guy of the Runaways falls hard for her. "Hairspray" actress Nikki Blonsky's covered this territory before (minus the dino).

Runners-up: Flora Cross or iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove could handle the cynical parts, with a bit of padding.

CHASE STEIN -- The aforementioned hottie, also known as Talkback. At first thought of as the dumb jock of the group, Chase proves himself to be a techno-expert and getaway guy, thanks to the tools he stole from his mad scientist parents, include x-ray gogggles, flamethrowing fists, and a land-and-sea transport vehicle with built-in lasers. Chase needs to be played by someone who would be easily dismissed at first, but has hidden depth. How about Chace Crawford? (It wouldn't be too hard for him to remember the name, at least.)

Runners-up: Sarah Connor Chronicles star Thomas Dekker and Hannah Montana star Mitchel Musso already have the hair-cut.

MOLLY HAYES -- Also known as Bruiser. As a preteen, Molly's the little kid of the group, but don't underestimate her -- she's also the strongest, thanks to her mutant super strength and invulnerability. But she can only use her powers for a limited lengths of time, after which she falls asleep. She's the most naive of the group, but she's growing up fast. AnnaSophia Robb would be a good Molly.

Runners-up: Abigail Breslin and Elle Fanning might be too sweet to be Molly just yet, but this next year could make all the difference.

So do you agree or disagree with our pics? Chime in with your own "Runaways" cast picks below!