The Gotham National Bank Makes A 'Dark Knight' Deposit At MTV

Having received a steady stream of "Bonanza: Season 26” box sets, hand-written press kits and god knows what else, the arrival of the mailroom guy isn't as exciting as it used to be. But when he walked over this morning carrying a gigantic carton adoirned with an official looking "Gotham National Bank" shipping label...well, let's just say it grabbed my attention.

I'm no stranger to cool deliveries, there was that "Speed Racer" thing a few months ago. But with "The Dark Knight" folks having seemingly perfected the art of viral marketing -- delivering newspapers, cell phones and even cake to journalists -- I was particularly excited about this one. (After the jump, tons more pics!)

Nestled gently inside the box was a large, GNB-branded totebag -- the kind banks put a lot of money in. Making it even more tinge-inducing, dangling from the handle was the clown mask worn by the Joker's henchmen during the film's soon-to-be-infamous bank robbery.

Apparently it's quite form-fitting, as demonstrated by our Josh Horowitz.

Also attached was a deposit slip filled out by the Clown Prince himself, and a key to unlock the bag. So we used it, and opened that sucker up.

Inside were tons of smallish "Joker dollars -- cash with George Washington's face defaced with a clowney smiley face and eyes -- and a crapload of awesome "Dark Knight" products.

Goods included are a couple cool t-shirts, two action figures (Bats and that hard-to-find Heath Ledger release), a Matchbox-sized Batmobile, and a "Batman Security Vault" that seems way too complicated for me, but I appreciate the gift.

So a big MTV thanks to the folks over at Gotham National Bank. I look forward to seeing you guys on July 18. In the meantime...not to be greedy, but anymore cake left?

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