EXCLUSIVE: Nicolas Cage And Pierce Brosnan Cast In Roman Polanski's 'The Ghost'

'Nicholas Cage'Last fall, Roman Polanski announced that his next film would be an adaptation of "The Ghost," a Richard Harris novel about a ghostwriter hired to write the memoirs of an ex-Prime Minister.

Now MTV News can announce who'll join him.

Pierce Brosnan and Nicolas Cage have been tapped to star as the British Prime Minister Adam Lang and the unnamed ghostwriter, respectively, in the next project from the legendary, Oscar winning director, Brosnan revealed. (And, yes, it took considerable effort not to write "From Ghost Rider to ghostwriter." You’re welcome.)

"I'm going to go off and work with Mr. Roman Polanski and Nic Cage on a film called 'The Ghost,'" Brosnan said. "It's a thriller."

A thriller and then some, and right in Polanski's wheelhouse. Inspired in part by Tony Blair, the novel picks up steam when the ghostwriter learns privileged details about a scandal which threatens to engulf the ex-Prime Minister. Soon, he finds himself in personal jeopardy, and must learn to balance his commitments to Lang with his own safety.

Most of the story takes place in an oceanfront house in the middle of winter.

"I have been looking for a political thriller to direct for some time, and 'The Ghost' could not be more perfect," Polanski told Variety at the time of his announced commitment to the project. "Robert has constructed a novel with such suspense, it is hard to put it down."

But what do you think? Does the casting of Cage and Brosnan sound inspired? Think this project has all the makings of another Polanski classic? Sound off on your thoughts below.