Andrew Stanton Out To 'Break The Curse' With Adaptation Of 'John Carter Of Mars'

Andrew StantonFrom Bob Clampett, to Ray Harryhausen, to Robert Rodriquez, and Jon Favreau, the list of directors who’ve wanted to make “John Carter of Mars” is a long one stretching back at least 70 years.

For a long time, Andrew Stanton, who was recently confirmed to be directing an adaption of “Carter” for Pixar Animation Studios, didn’t feel like he belonged in their company.

“I cared a lot that [‘Carter’] was done right, and I didn’t really care if I was the one to do it. I didn’t feel qualified,” he told MTV News.

Stanton’s assertions aren’t faux-humility. The daunting nature of the books by Edgar Rice Burroughs, which center around an immortal Virginian’s adventures on the red planet, as well as the long-list of talented directors who tried and failed to bring it to the bring screen, would no doubt challenge any director. So what does Stanton have that they didn’t? Well, for one, he’s got unending reserves of talent. For another, he’s got impeccable timing. (“It fell on the floor right at that moment and I was there,” he said) And,thirdly, of course, he’s got a t-shirt.

“We want to make t-shirts that say ‘break the curse’ because I don’t want to be another name on the list,” Stanton laughed. “[The project] seems to keep dropping on the floor. I’ll pick it up this time and hopefully I’ll be the one to do it right.”

For the “Wall-E” and “Finding Nemo” director, that means having no illusions about the project’s difficulty, and sticking with it despite what looks to be at least a 5 year process.

“I loved those [‘John Carter’] books. I read them all from front to back all through my high school and junior high years, and just always wanted to see them realized on the screen,” Stanton insisted. “The big common denominator for me [with all my films] is: is it an idea I love so much that I would desire so badly to see on the screen that I would be willing to get out of bed for years and face it when it’s not working? [‘Carter’ shares] that common denominator.”

Anybody out there want to chime in with why Stanton SHOULDN’T be the one to bring “John Carter” from Mars to the big-screen? And what do you hope he includes or gets rid of in his adaptation? Sound off on all your “John Carter” thoughts below.