Why Did 'Love Guru' Bomb? And Is It Justin Timberlake's Fault?

Justin Timberlake and Mike Myers in 'The Love Guru'The last time Mike Myers starred in a comic film creation all his own, the entirely forgettable "Austin Powers in Goldmember," the flick opened to a stellar $73 million weekend at the box office. That was six years ago and as we just learned over the weekend, a lot can change in that kind of time.

"The Love Guru" opened on Friday to the kind of reviews usually reserved for movies starring Larry the Cable Guy, not to mention an embarrassing 4th-place finish. Perhaps no one sunk the knife deeper than A.O. Scott in "The New York Times" who called it, "an experience that makes you wonder if you will ever laugh again." Wonder if Myers turned and mugged for the camera after he read that one.

So this begs a few questions, the key one being...what the hell happened? Did Mike Myers suddenly become unfunny? Did our collective taste change? Is his new comic creation a little too familar (I'm going with this one)? Or is Justin Timberlake to blame?

Laugh all you want but the Timberlake curse seems to have some power to it? Eagerly awaited follow-up from the maker of "Donnie Darko"? That would be "Southland Tales," the film that spurred a Cannes audience to boo and boo and boo some more. The follow-up to the universally hailed "Hustle & Flow"? That'd be "Black Snake Moan," the project that tied Christina Ricci to a radiator. And now this!

Did you shell out your hard earned cash for "The Love Guru"? What did you think? And more importantly, if you didn't like it, who do you think should get the blame?