Aiden's Wil Francis Talks Giving 'Lost Boys' Theme A Punk Twist, Plus We Visit The Music Video's Set

As long-time blog readers know, we've been neck-deep in all things "Lost Boys" sequel since the very beginning. We revealed the plot, got sucked into a Corey feud, revealed Haim's potential movie absense (and Feldman's response), and most recently, premiered the film's trailer along with an extensive on-camera interview with Feldman.

So we were obviously excited to drop by the set of the music video for "Cry Little Sister," the iconic anthem from the classic film which Aiden frontman Wil Francis is remaking for the sequel. Check out the video below for a taste of what's in store, and then after the jump, read to hear his thoughts on Feldman, where the song plays in the film, and just where people who don't like the song can stick it (including original singer Gerard McMann).

MTV: Have you always been a fan of "Lost Boys"?

Francis: Oh yeah, for sure. It's probably one of my favorite movies. I've been a fan of Corey Feldman for a long time. 'Goonies' and ‘License to Drive' and all those cheesy 80s movies. I love them.

MTV: So when they called you to cover the song -- insta-deal, eh?

Francis: Well, originally, Warner Brothers had contacted our label, Victory, and wanted one of the singers in one of the bands to read for one of the vampires for the movie. The publicist at the label was like, 'Well, duh. Aiden. He's perfect.' And so they sent me the script and I read. And then they kind of pushed the filming and pushed the filming and by the time they were ready to do it, I was on tour. And so they told us, ‘We really want to get you involved still. Why don't you just do the cover of this song?' And, I'm a fan, so yeah. Of course we'll do it. I had no idea that it was going to be in the movie. I thought it was just going to be for like the soundtrack or whatever.

MTV: So no indication of where it would be in the movie?

Francis: Yes, they told me they're going to use it in the sex scene, which was really exciting, you know. The sex scene of a movie is always...[smiles]! I just thought it would be like in the credits or not even in the movie at all. But when they placed it in the movie, I got so excited. I was beside myself.

MTV: So how different is your version from the original?

Francis: Well, we wanted to kind of speed it up and make it more like a punk version of the song, maybe a bit more metal. And when we originally tried to do it, it didn't really work. It kind of sucked. So we went back to the drawing board and kind of used the original as just a blueprint for how we wanted to do it. So we dropped the key down and just added a bunch of stuff.

MTV: Did you talk to [the original singer] Gerard McMann or anybody for input?

Francis: No one gave us input on what to do or how to do it or whatever. But I heard later on that Gerard, I guess the guy that originally wrote the song, was pissed. He was upset because they didn't consult him. They weren't like, 'Oh, by the way, we're going to have this sh-tty band record this song.' He was kind of upset about the fact that he wasn't consulted. So, sorry. I don't care though. I like your song. Sorry if you don't like my version of it.

MTV: So what's going on with the video?

Francis: It's a performance video cut with scenes from the movie so they're going to have me in different settings in the studio. And I'm supposed to be interacting with the girl. She's a vampire.

Check back soon for the full music video, but for now don't miss our in-depth interview with Corey Feldman here.