Paul W.S. Anderson Confirms David Carradine Cameo In 'Death Race' Remake

David CarradineAs much as I'm tempted to roll my eyes at anything Paul W.S. Anderson directs at least a small part of me is curious about what he's cooking up for August with the release of "Death Race" (am I alone? The trailer wasn't that bad).

True, Jason Statham's track record as an action hero isn't exactly flawless but "Death Race" was and remains a great concept. We'll find out soon enough if this remake or re-imagining or whatever we're calling these things this week turns out to be worth our while.

There's been a lot of chatter among the loyal "Death Race" fanbase about all the changes being made in this new flick. Anderson addressed all the major points in this interview just the other day. Perhaps most interestingly he revealed to our own Shawn Adler that the one and only David Carradine will indeed be popping up in the film.

Said Anderson, "I wanted to tip my hat to the original, but also wouldn't want it to become a cheesy cameo-fest. There's obviously been, 'Oh, where's the David Carradine cameo?' It's there, and I think it's a nice thing for fans. In fact, I had a conversation with David about the movie this morning."

So is that enough to get you excited for "Death Race" or do you still have grave doubts for this actioner from the director of "Resident Evil"? Tell us what you think.