Terence Stamp Making Plans For 'Wanted' Sequel

Terence StampThese days, life is good for Terence Stamp. He gets to play the villain in "Get Smart," everywhere he goes people want to kneel before Zod, and when I caught up with him recently, he was kicking back in a pair of pink Crocs.

"I've got 'Yes Man' coming up with the great Jim Carrey. Tom Cruise and I were blowing up Hitler for a long time in Berlin for 'Valkyrie,'" grinned the tireless 69-year-old. "And, I got to say good morning to Angelina Jolie at 7 a.m. every morning on 'Wanted'."

Now, as that bullet-ridden action flick is getting ready for release on June 27th, Stamp is eager to drop a bombshell of his own: The filmmakers are already talking sequel.

"I play a character who's called Pekwarsky," Stamp explained. "He's an enigmatic character who doesn't feature a lot in the first one, but it's something that's written for a sequel."

This might come as a surprise to Mark Millar and J.G. Jones, who created the "Wanted" comic books in 2003 as what seems like more of a self-contained story. While Batman, Spider-Man and the rest could seemingly go on forever, the tale of Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy in the film) always seemed more limited to a one-off film.

If Terence Stamp has his way, however, Pekwarsky will be returning to the big screen someday. And we can only pray that he'll be wearing pink Crocs.

Are you excited to see "Wanted"? What are your thoughts on a sequel that would revolve around the Pekwarsky character?