Doug Liman Calls Moon Project An Ode To America

Doug LimanIt took roughly eight years from the time President John F. Kennedy announced that America would be entering the space race to the day that Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon.

It may take that long until director Doug Liman gets to join him.

"I want to have a locked script before I start shooting. That's my goal," Liman recently told MTV News of the long gestating "Moon" project he's been developing with Jake Gyllenhaal, which just recently picked up a new writer.

Which means it's back to the drawing board, at least in part. But while Liman is keeping plot details a secret (they may change anyway), he's certain the patriotic tone of the movie will remain consistent with his current vision.

"It's a celebration of America. Even though it's a present day story it's a celebration of the fact that in 1969 we sent a man to the moon," Liman enthused. "Just think about what a car in 1969 looked like! It's insane that we pulled that off. No other country on the planet could have done something that great."

Gyllenhaal is committed to star in "The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," which has a tentative release date of June 16, 2009.

Anything with Doug Liman's name attached has potential for me. What do you make of his "Moon" project? Too jingoistic? Sound off below.