Is A Visit To 'Sin City 2' In Angelina Jolie's Future? She's Curious

No doubt about it, Angelina Jolie is a dame to kill for, but could she literally be "A Dame to Kill For"? For over two years, the principal talent behind "Sin City" have been subtlety (and sometimes not so subtlety) dropping hints that they’d like Jolie for the title role of Ava Lord, the manipulative, conniving, fatally gorgeous force at the center of director Robert Rodriquez and Frank Miller's "Sin City 2."

In an interview two-years ago, actress Rosario Dawson even said that filming was being rescheduled to accommodate Jolie's pregnancy.

So is Angelina going to be in "Sin City 2"?

"I don't know," the actress admitted when we caught up with her for an extended chat in France.

"I found the first 'Sin City' impressive, but I don't know what they're going to do with the next one to make [it] as original as the first one," Jolie said.

But if there's any trepidation at all on Jolie's part as to whether or not Miller and Co. can keep the story fresh and invigorating, it's not for lack of respect.

"I think he's a genius," Jolie said of Miller, who masterminded the original graphic novel and co-directed the first film. "I'd be curious [if offered]."

What do you think? Is Angelina a woman worth waiting for? Or do you wish they would just get up and make "Sin City 2" already, the heck with Jolie? And, if so, who else would you cast in the role of Ava Lord? Sound off below.

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