Warwick Davis Enthusiastic About Possibility For 'Willow 2'

Warwick DavisJohn McClane did it after 12 years. Indiana Jones after 19. Long-delayed sequels starring aging action stars are all the rage these days, but could the biggest future action star on the planet actually be…the smallest?

Well, no, not officially anyway – but it won’t be for lack of desire on the part of Warwick Davis, the 38-year-old actor told MTV News, insisting that he’d love to come back for another "Willow."

"I would definitely greenlight a ‘Willow’ sequel. So many people ask me about that. Every day people want to see another movie," he said. "I’d be very excited for it, because I was 17 when I did that movie and to go back and have another chance at the character now. I’ve learned so much more, it’d be great."

In point of fact, there have been three "Willow" sequels already – each written by Chris Claremont from a story by George Lucas. They form what is known as "Chronicles of the Shadow War Trilogy," and their reception…well, people hate them. A lot.

But forget all that silly nonsense about dragons and whatnot. Davis says he’s already got an idea about where he’d like to see the sequel go.

"I would like, perhaps, [to see] my kids grown up. I’d like to meet up again with Madmartigan [Val Kilmer], see how he’s getting on. See how everything might have gone wrong with the princess who’s grown up, see how her life turned out," Davis enthused. "But I think [most of all] plenty more action! Now they have CG. Imagine what we could do with special effects now compared to 20 years ago!"

In fact, so excited would Davis be at the prospect of another "Willow," he really only has one stipulation.

"No horseriding," he laughed.

Would you like to see another "Willow"? If so, what should the story be? Sound off on your thoughts below.