Mark Wahlberg On 'Departed' Sequel: 'I'm Not Interested In Going For The Paycheck'

Mark WahlbergLast year, Mark Wahlberg let slip to MTV News that the talent behind "The Departed" (namely director Martin Scorsese and screenwriter William Monahan, both Oscar winners for the film) were hard at work on both a sequel AND a prequel to the crime drama about corruption in the Boston police department.

"We may do another one, because it's based on a Hong Kong film ['Infernal Affairs'], and there is a trilogy. So we may do a sequel with a new cast, and a prequel and bring back the rest of the guys," he said. In fact, Wahlberg even talked of a substantial role for Scorsese favorite Robert De Niro.

So, Qui Bono? It's now more than a year later. Where does the project stand?

"They're [still] developing it," Wahlberg sighed. "If it can be better than the first, then great. I'll be all for it. I'm not interested in going for the paycheck. I love 'Godfather 2’ but, then again, I don't like 'Godfather 3.'"

So in the meantime, thinking about "The Departed" gives us reason to bring up genius quotes like the above and others. My personal favorite? "I'm the guy who does his must be the other guy."

"Marty always loved that line. He always busted up when I said it," Wahlberg recalled. "I was like, that's not one of the funny lines! But it is. People love that line. It was one of the few lines I didn't butcher and try to do a long rant imitating my mom."

Looking forward to a "Departed" sequel? What would be your story for the film? Any other line from the original that can't help but make you laugh? Sound off below.