New 'Where The Wild Things Are' Image Revealed, Plus Poster For 'Angels & Demons'

A couple more fun (and as far as i can tell brand new) images for you all today that I happened upon from my excursion to the Licensing Expo in New York. First up is an image from a flick we're all dying to see anything from, Spike Jonze's "Where the Wild Things Are." This one's been delayed and rumored about so much it's just good to see anything from the film itself. Here goes.

And then there's a little prequel to a movie called "The DaVinci Code." Judging from the set photos that have started to emerge we won't get a controversial hairstyle from Tom Hanks this time. But I'm sure we'll get a glossy potboiler all the same. Here's the one sheet for "Angels & Demons."

Like what you see? Still have faith in Spike's "Wild Things"? And what about Tom Hanks jumping back into Robert Langdon's shoes? Will you be there?