Blue October Frontman Hopes To Sink His Teeth Into Some 'Twilight' Tunes

Justin FurstenfeldIf you've been over to the MTV Movies page, you've read our Twilight Tuesday announcement on Stephenie Meyer's big plans for the "Breaking Dawn" release in August. And if not, what are you waiting for Twilighters?

What I wasn't able to squeeze into the article, however, was some additional thoughts from Blue October singer/songwriter Justin Furstenfeld on his desire to compose some songs about the "Twilight" characters.

"This is just another realm of me," he explained of his love for Stephenie's franchise. "It's going to be awesome."

"We're actually going into the studio with [legendary producer] Steve Lillywhite in August to start tracking, and we should be done with the new album in September," Furstenfeld said of the future of his band. "It's going to be a bit more positive. I have a child now, so I'm focusing on things that are more positive in life."

"There's a song called ‘Jump Rope' that I'm really excited about," he revealed of one tune. "I basically wrote it for my little girl, Blue."

Nowadays, Furstenfeld is burning through the "Twilight" novels, talking to Meyer about possibly contributing music to the movie, and most definitely thinking about writing an ode to the world of Edward and Bella.

"You never know with me," he laughed. "I have a feeling once we get a little more familiar with everything, there might be some stuff coming out of this."

"I would have to say it's probably going to happen," he said of a Blue October song inspired by the "Twilight" novels. "Count the seconds till it gets written."

Asked to pick the one character who he finds most appealing, the man who inspired Stephenie Meyer said one of her creations might bring things full circle. "James," he revealed. "I could see myself doing something [about him]. It's opening a lot of different chambers in my head."

Here's your TT question of the week, Twilighters: Which character would you most like to have Blue October sing about? Got any sample lyrics you'd like to volunteer?