EXCLUSIVE: Spike Lee Says 'I'll Take The Obama High Road' In Clint Eastwood Argument

Spike LeeIn an interview published this morning with The Guardian, multiple Oscar winner Clint Eastwood said of Spike Lee that "a guy like him should shut his face." In an interview conducted today with MTV News, Spike Lee kinda, sorta said, "OK."

"I'm going to take the Obama high road," the filmmaker said, refusing to trade any more barbs with Eastwood or elaborate any more over perceived inaccuracies in the recent "Flags of Our Fathers." "It's not a feud."

But why do Clint's statements have everyone asking of Spike if "he feels lucky?" While conducting interviews last month for his newest film, "The Miracle at St. Anna" Lee said, "There were many African-Americans who survived that war and who were upset at Clint for not having one [in the films]. That was his version: The negro soldier did not exist. I have a different version."

That version is, of course, "St. Anna," which focuses on four black soldiers during WWII. Eastwood’s response was that to insert black soldiers at the Iwo Jima flag planting would be to commit historical revisionism.

And then he added that Spike Lee should "shut his face."

Tough words. But the dispute is not a personal one, insists Lee. "I've said my statement. I have no ill will towards Mr. Eastwood. What I said to him was not a personal attack, it was an observation," he told MTV News. "So that's really the end of it."

Almost, Mr. Lee. One last question remains: Who in the heck is right in this battle of words? Sound off on your thoughts below.

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