Ferrell, McKay Reminisce About 'Land Of The Lost' Shoot, Killing Puppies

Will FerrellReporting by Elena Torres

Comedian Danny McBride's description of working with Will Ferrell on the currently-filming flick "Land of the Lost" probably doesn't even come close to what really goes on with the former "Anchorman" on set. "It's pretty cool," McBride said, keeping mum about the 1970's TV show remake.

Talk to Ferrell and producer Adam McKay, however, and they'll tell you that the disaster-prone production has actually been as uncool as Donnie Osmond at a My Chemical Romance concert.

"I think it was like a week ago. This is a very technical movie at times, and things were going pretty slow. So I'm like, enough of this! And I pulled all the fire alarms, and of course it cost us a whole day," Ferrell shrugged. "Basically it cost the movie about $225,000 dollars, and Universal was livid."

"Land of the Lost," due out in 2009, is a modern-day comedy based on the classic Sid & Marty Krofft Saturday morning show about three adventurous, accidental time travelers who find themselves dropped into a mysterious world. Populated by dinosaurs, Sleestaks, and all types of mythical creatures, they have to stay alive while figuring out a way home.

For Ferrell, however, the greatest adventure has been in simply keeping his job.

"I said 'Wait, let me tell the head of the studio that I did it,' but it didn’t help. They were like 'We are going to fire you off this film,'" Will remembered.

Added McKay: "Then, while the fire trucks were there, a YMCA was burning down! And they weren't able to put out the fire at the YMCA, so the entire YMCA burned down."

"Everyone was okay," Ferrell rationalized. "But there was a small animal hospital next door, and all those animals did die."

"700 puppies were killed," McKay topped off, shrugging.

Ferrell and McKauy are joking –- we think. But this much is clear: "LOTL" continues to film, and the "Funny or Die" duo also produced "The Foot Fist Way," which stars McBride and opened in theaters May 30th.

Despite their (quite literal) smoke screen, we did manage to get Ferrell to spill actual facts about which of the show's classic characters will be coming to the big screen. "The [dimension-opening] pylons are in the movie, [Altrusian castaway] Enik is in the movie, and the Sleestaks too, but we couldn’t get Chaka," Will teased.

"Instead, we got Chaka Khan," McKay added with a grin.