Cam Gigandet Joins The 'Twilight Tuesday' Festivities

As we wind down our coverage of the 2008 MTV Movie Awards, and all the "Twilight" fun that made the show so extra-special, we’re honoring this week’s Twilight Tuesday by bringing you an unedited interview between Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and yours truly.

We’re also excited to bring you the very first Cam Gigandet MTV interview, as we caught up with him on the red carpet and learned that the 25-year-old actor was eager to join the Twilight Tuesday festivities. For those who don’t know, Cam plays James - the "tracker" vampire who hunts down human beings and turns his attention to Stewart’s Bella Swan, leading to the confrontation we all saw in Sunday’s exclusive clip.

Moments after unveiling the scene on our gold carpet, and shortly before he’d go inside the Universal Amphitheatre to accept a "Best Fight" statuette for the flick "Never Back Down," Gigandet gave us his take on the big day.

Here’s your Twilight Tuesday question of the week, folks: The "Twilight" stars will do hundreds of interviews in the upcoming months to promote the movie between now and December. How did they do in their first official public appearance?