Your Reactions To Our 'Twilight' Exclusive Clip Begin

Wow. Dozens of your videos have already been uploaded to in reaction to our exclusive "Twilight" clip. With titles like "TWIGASM" and "The Clip of AWESOME" we gather you're enjoying it. And for that, we're psyched.

In case you missed it on TV, here are some of your gasping, shrieking and downright awesome videos.

If you haven't seen our exclusive clip yet, what the heck are you waiting for? Watch it right now. But be careful. Don't faint. And if you haven't sent us a video reaction, you really should. You might end up on TV, too. Just go to "create an upload" at and let 'er rip.

See you tomorrow for Twilight Tuesday, where we'll bring you more from the cast's appearance on the MTV Movie Awards gold carpet.