We're Live-Blogging The MTV Movie Awards Gold Carpet!

We're a few hours away from the main event but you don't have to wait until Mike Myers makes a dramatic entrance to the 2008 MTV Movie Awards for the fun to begin. We've got our correspondents all over the gold carpet, inside the auditorium, basically anywhere the action is happening. We're all over it. Enjoy our live blogs throughout the evening for everything that's happening behind the scenes.

9-11 a.m. ET -- You can't make this stuff up. The MTV News gang wakes up to the news of an early morning fire at Universal Studios (home to the Awards for the second year in a row). Thankfully, there are no fatalities. The show will go on.

2:15 p.m. -- Kim Stolz interviews Megan Fox on the carpet! Calm down, you didn't get the time wrong, it's not the "Transformers" star but one of our stand-ins during a preshow rehearsal.

4:30 p.m. -- Imagine being in an elevator with none other than Scarlett Johansson! Or if you don't want to imagine it, ask segment producer Garth Bardsley. He just ran into her at the Universal City Hilton (aka our residence) next to the awards site. Says Garth, "I stepped into the elevator and looked at her like, 'Oh!' and she properly looked away, checking herself out in the elevator mirror." Getting ready for an appearance on the show, Scarlett?

6:54 p.m. -- This just in from Movies Guest Blogger Laura Culpepper....Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have arrived! Yes, Twilighters, the duo you've been waiting for are officially on the carpet. More to come.

6:59 p.m. -- Our reporter James Montgomery just witnessed a gaggle of celeb happenings: "Oh hey, it's Tom Cruise! And he's walking through the backstage area with his daughter, Suri, on his shoulder! The paparazzi would pay somwhere between $10-15 million to witness what I just did." He continues that he glimpsed "Adam Sandler, keeping it casual in a Giants T-shirt, shorts and New Balances, shaking hands and chatting up the Pussycat Dolls, who are already decked out in their awards-show finery. They admire Sandler's new pseudo-mohawk."

7:14 p.m. -- "America's Best Dance Crew," the JabbaWockeeZ, just broke out a few moves for their eager fans, even challenging some reporters -- like our own Shawn Adler -- to a you-got-served-style dance competition.

7:32 p.m. -- A conversation between "Juno" stars Ellen Page and Jason Bateman was interrupted by an usher offering chocolate. "No thanks," said Bateman. "I have to watch my girlish figure."

7:42 p.m. -- "We need 'Bad Boys 3,'" Will Smith insisted when he literally bumped into Michael Bay. "I was just watching 'Bad Boys 2' with my son and I told him you can't open a movie better. That's the best movie opening ever!"

7:45 p.m. -- A traffic jam at the top of the gold carpet, instigated, in the interest of full disclosure, by our insistence to hold Laura Bell Bundy and the fifteen Elle Woods flanking her for a preshow pre-tape - set the stage for some serious "when stars collide" action as the cast of "The Hills," Carson Daly and T.I. found themselves collectively cooling their stilettos and loafers with a couple of fully-costumed American Gladiators. "Does this outfit make me look fat?" joked the one who looks a bit like the dog-man creature that played opposite Jessica Alba in "Dark Angel." While "The Hills" girls paid little attention, seemingly preoccupied by "The Hills boys (Brody was in the house!), Carson extended a hand and thanked the guys for something (we think it was for making an appearance on his show) to which dog-man replied "anytime."

7:57 p.m. -- Who is Jonah Hill's biggest fan? Apparently Jon Favreau. "I voted for you twelve times," the Iron Man director told Hill. How good is Superbad!

7:58 p.m. -- Can you feel the love? We can. Big hugs abound on the gold carpet. Will Smith and The Rock. Diddy and The Pussycat Dolls. Meanwhile backstage Spencer and Brody seem to have put any troubles behind.

Spencer and Brody from 'The Hills'