Coldplay Take A Stab At Pussycat's 'Don't Cha' At Movie Awards Rehearsal

Despite the fact that they're one of the biggest rock acts on the planet -- so much so that they made selling 10 million copies of their last album seem unassuming -- Coldplay keep a surprisingly low profile (see exclusive Coldplay rehearsal photos here!).

Case in point: their near-invisible entrance into the Gibson theater, which took place while PCD were still gyrating their way through rehearsals.

One minute, I was watching the Dolls, the next -- wow, there's Chris Martin, and he's standing right next to me. And he seems to be in good spirits, because as PCD worked their routine, Martin turned to a producer and laughed "Now I see why you booked us -- for eye candy!"

Fast-forward about an hour -- rehearsals take a long time, after all -- and Coldplay are standing onstage, dressed like French Revolutionaries, keyboards and timpani drums scattered around them. Various members of the production crew are prattling about, and since there's nothing better to do, Martin walks over to one of 'boards, and begins plinking out the opening notes of PCD's hit "Don't Cha," singing the opening lines in a loving tribute ...

"Don't Cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me," he warbled, as stagehands and producers in headsets giggled and applauded.

Rehearsals are awesome.

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