Our Guest Blogger Hangs With 'Panda' Star Jack Black, Meets Seth Rogen And James Franco For 'Pineapple'

Our guest blogger Laura Culpepper will be covering the highlights from now through the big show on Sunday, so check in daily as she live-blogs her Movie Awards experience!

Hey everyone! Yesterday was crazy, but I've rested up now and I'm getting ready for the big awards tomorrow. There were two screenings yesterday: "Kung Fu Panda" starring Jack Black and "Pineapple Express" starring Seth Rogen and James Franco.

First stop was to Paramount for the "Kung Fu Panda" screening. I'm usually not a big fan of animation, but this one was surprisingly good! There were some pretty awesome action scenes, and Jack Black did a great job of giving Po, the main character, a voice. The Q&A after was great, and we even got to see Jack show off some Kung Fu moves of his own.

MTV News' Kim Stolz also interviewed Jack, dressed in a Panda costume, no less.

She and Jack had a good time working on their Kung Fu and talking about the similarities between Jack and his character. Afterwards I was given the opportunity to meet Jack, and he was pretty much what you would expect: laid-back but a little crazy as well.

Directly from Paramount we headed to the Landmark theater for "Pineapple Express," which is the funniest movie I've seen in quite awhile. It combined a surprisingly winning combination of reefer and drug dealer plots with murder and action. I was most surprised with James Franco's performance in the movie, in which he plays a permanently high drug dealer named Saul who is the friend and dealer of Seth Rogen's character, Dale. After Dale witnesses a murder, they both run away, but come across many other problems along the way.

The Q&A with these two was great with lots of talk about the movie's production and what "research" they both did for the roles.

Tim Kash had a great interview with the guys in front of a concession stand fully stocked with things I had never seen before in my life. It must be a California thing.

I also got to meet Seth and James, and they were both really nice guys.

Today rehearsals begin for the Movie Awards tomorrow, so look forward to hearing from me about that soon!