Tim Kash Picks A Playmate Date For The Movie Awards

Qiana, Christi, Tim and Heather

I've got my suit, I've got my car, and I've got my script. But there's one thing I'm missing.

A date.

So we came up with the genius idea to head over to Playboy Radio, where Hef put out the call and sent down three beautiful Playboy Playmates: Qiana, Christi and Heather. When you're looking for a date, you can do a lot worse than picking from three Playboy Playmates.

(Check out video of the Playmate interview and more photos after the jump!)

First of all, everyone who works in Playboy Radio's Hollywood studios is super-duper hot. Secondly, they all have naughty nicknames. And when I walked in, they were having the dirtiest conversations (like "my husband's cheating on me with my sister" and "how to pleasure your other half").

"Afternoon Advice" hostess Tiffany Granath and I put the ladies through their "Blind Date" paces. I asked them, "If we go to the Movie Awards Sunday night, what happens afterward? How does the night play out?" Then they interviewed me, and finally -- judging by their great personalities -- I picked numero uno: Christi Shake.

She's meeting me on Sunday.

I'm livin' the dream.

By the way, as an added bonus, for my own personal research and the good of all mankind, I asked the ladies the best way to approach a Playmate when you see one in a club or the grocery store. They suggested not going straight up to her, all confident. Fall back a little bit, but acknowledge them -- remember CIQ: compliment, introduction and question.

Now you know.

You're welcome.

Tim and Tiffany

Heather, Christi and Qiana

Tiffany, Tim, Heather, Christi and Qiana

The MTV Movie Awards will air live on MTV on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET, with MTV News' "Coming Attractions" preshow kicking the evening off at 7:30 p.m. ET! Meanwhile, stay tuned to the MTV Movies Blog and MovieAwards.MTV.com.