Verne Troyer Teaches Kim Stolz The Art Of Living Large In L.A.

MTV News' Kim Stolz has already made a name for herself in the City That Never Sleeps. But now that she's in L.A. for this weekend's Movie Awards, she needed a few lessons on adapting to the Town of Hangin' Around.

"I need some advice," the newly brown-haired correspondent pleaded, hunting for stars at L.A.'s swank Le Montrose hotel. "What sort of things does a big star like yourself do all day?"

"You're looking at it," grinned diminutive funnyman Verne Troyer, lying in the sun poolside.

On Tuesday, Stolz and Troyer met up for an afternoon of living large with Hollywood's smallest star. The always-affable Troyer, who once again teams with his "Austin Powers" cohort Mike Myers for June 20th's "The Love Guru," took to Kim so quickly that Stolz might just have her very own Mini-She.

"Hollywood stars do nothing," he explained, leading her down to the hotel's gym, where she pedaled hard on an exercise bike while he sat on a Stairmaster and took calls on his iPhone. "Just sit there and look good. Only, next time wear a bikini top and maybe a G."

During our shoot, Troyer took calls from George Clooney (he told the actor he wouldn't do a nude scene in the next "Ocean's" flick), and Brad Pitt (he sent his love to "Angie and the kids"). Dropping more names than Byron Allen at a high school reunion, Troyer apparently has some big Hollywood deals in the works -- or maybe (just maybe) he was mugging for our cameras.

Either way, as Troyer walked around the hotel, he turned plenty of heads. And as the afternoon progressed, our very own Kim began emitting some star power of her own.

"Thank you so much...I'd love to buy you some food," she said, leading Verne into the hotel lounge, eager to show that she's getting the hang of the "Let's Do Lunch" side of Los Angeles.

"This is our dinner, right here!" he responded, pointing to two martinis he had brought over. "This is all the food you need...the olives, two a day, keep you healthy for a long time."

Troyer then invited Kim to accompany him to a party at the Playboy mansion -- as long as she agreed to come dressed in that G-string he had mentioned earlier.

After clinking glasses, Troyer took a sip. "Ah, sweet nectar," he grinned. We can only hope he was talking about the martini.

Tune into the MTV Movie Awards preshow Sunday at 7:30 p.m. ET to see Kim and Verne reunited on the red carpet. While she most certainly won't be wearing butt-floss, Troyer will undoubtedly be happy to see her in the sexy dress you're helping her pick out.