Shatner 'Solidly Behind' Disappointment Over 'Star Trek' Exclusion

William ShatnerWhen it comes to the legendary William Shatner, there are a million reasons to love the guy, from "T.J. Hooker" to those goofy Priceline commercials, to the "Saturday Night Live" episode when he told us all to get a life. But when all is said and done, he'll always be Captain Kirk -- and no "Just My Luck" heartthrob can take that away from him.

"I'm solidly behind being disappointed that I'm not in it," Shatner told us recently about J.J. Abrams' big-budget "Trek" re-imagining, which will hit theaters next May without the presence of the world's greatest over-actor (who was also at the first MTV Movie his story about that experience here).

"Passage of time, for sure; that was me a long time ago," Shatner said of James T. Kirk. "It'll be interesting to see whether [the new movie] is successful or not. If anyone can make 'Star Trek' live, [Abrams] can do it. The question is: Is it still alive, or is it time for all of us to move on?"

As for the new Kirk, "I met him and just said hello," he said of Chris Pine, son of Shatner's co-star from the 1973 TV-movie "Incident on a Dark Street," Robert Pine. "I worked with his father."

One of Shatner's most interesting comments, however, was his take on one of the key moments that began the downslide of the "Trek" franchise. "What does God need with a starship? To get around?" Shatner grinned while discussing "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier," which he co-wrote and directed. "He's immobile!"

"The extraordinary disappointment was that before the special effects went in, I asked the producer: Is this as good as I think it is? I thought it was pretty good, and the heads of the studio were saying 'good job,' " Shatner shrugged, thinking back to the flick many Trekkies consider to be the worst of the franchise. "The problem of that movie [was too many] compromises. The original compromise was: Let's make it an alien who thinks he's God. Soon, I realized I had compromised the whole movie."

Is "Final Frontier" the franchise's worst flick? Will you miss Shat when he isn't in "Trek" next May? Give us your thoughts - and then go get a life!