EXCLUSIVE: Rainn Wilson Joins 'Transformers 2’ Cast As University Professor

Say what you will about the implausibility of Michael Bay movies, there's nothing funny about giant robots chasing innocent people around a college campus.

Ok, one thing. Or, rather, one person.

That would be Rainn Wilson, who will have a small role in "Transformers 2," as some kind of professor, "The Office" star revealed exclusively to MTV News during an MTV Sneak Peek Week screening of his new film "The Rocker."

"A professor that turns into a car that turns into a robot," he laughed.

You can certainly take that last assertion with a healthy grain of salt, but only barely, since so little is known about the plot of the upcoming blockbuster sequel beyond the most basic: that it will follow Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) as a newly minted college student. For his part, Wilson was coy with more details, claiming to have not even read a full script.

But while the overall plot remains shrouded in mystery, Wilson's casting -- along with the recent announcement that Jonah Hill was offered but declined a role as Sam's college roommate -- would seem to indicate that Bay is going for a more comedic tone in his second go-round with Optimus Prime.

"Transformers 2” is currently setting up shop in Bethlehem, PA, home to Lehigh University.

Is Wilson a good addition to the "Transformers 2” crew? And does his casting, along with the attempt to get Hill, indicate that the movie will be much more comedic? Or is Bay playing with our expectations? Sound off below.

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