Uwe Boll Plans To Improv For New Movie On Darfur Massacre, 'Janjaweed'

Uwe BollBy his own admission, the scripts for most Uwe Boll films are somewhat lackluster. That's why he's decided that for his next movie, he won't have one.

Boll, whose "Postal" recently got dumped by theater owners across the country, told MTV News that most of "Janjaweed," his new movie about the Darfur massacre, will consist almost entirely of "improv."

"I want to go for a cast of characters who will go into the parts, because I want to improv the dialogue. Everybody should be based on his own research of creating that character," Boll revealed. "I think this would be better if it really feels like, 'I could get killed here so should I go or should I try to save the baby here or die?' I want to create the feeling that they're really into it and we have some surprising elements that happen during the shoot."

So confident is he in his new story, Boll is already setting his sights on an impressive crop of actors to help bring it to life.

"I will meet various people, for example, Matthew Modine is on the list. I try Keith Carradine, John Cusack. I contacted Harvey Keitel about it," he revealed. "So right now until the fall I will try to get actors interested in it and attached to it."

Whether he gets the above group or not, Boll is so sure his new film will be his best yet, he's already talking Oscars. No, seriously.

The movie will follow a group of journalists who "get confronted by attack and have to decide whether to help the people or simply report," Boll said. "I'm sure if my name [was] George Clooney it would run for the Oscars, this movie."

(Tip of the hat to FilmStew.com, who first reported on the project)

Does Boll have the gravitas to tackle the massacre? Is any attention bad attention, even if it makes more people aware? Sound like something you might see? Sound off below.