Katharine McPhee Wants To Star In Janis Joplin Biopic

Katherine McPheeKatharine McPhee will soon be heading to the big-screen in "The House Bunny," her feature film debut. But could the former "American Idol" runner-up already be looking past the summer time, and into singing "Summertime"?

That's the word straight from McPhee herself, who told MTV News that she wants to one day star in a musical biopic of one of rock's greatest songstresses.

"Janis Joplin," she enthused of who she would want to portray in a musical film. "I'm not opposed to movie musicals or anything. I'd have to think about that [if I every got offered]."

She'll have to get in line. The musical biopic has gone through sort of a renaissance in recent years with megahits like "Ray" and "Walk the Line," and nowhere is that more evident than with Joplin, who has at least three actresses circling no less than three different projects. One of those projects, "The Gospel According to Janis," is officially on hold, star Zooey Deschanel told MTV last year.

But while there seems to be an opening, fans of McPhee may wonder if she's the right choice to fill the void, considering that on "Idol" she was known for jazzy renditions of classic standards like "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and not necessarily for rocking out to "Another Piece of My Heart."

For her part, McPhee agrees.

"I don't know if I would be the best choice for Janis Joplin just because I don't think I really have that kind of a voice," she confessed. "But I see myself as more of a serious, dramatic person."

There's obviously nothing on the table, but would you like to see Katharine McPhee as Joplin? Think she could pull it off? Is there another singer you'd like to see her give the biopic treatment to instead? Sound off below.