'Twilight' Star Lautner Determined To Hit The Gym For Shirtless Sequels

Taylor LautnerSome people are excited to see Benicio del Toro, while others are talking about the newest "Narnia" character. Personally, I'm more curious to see what Catherine Hardwicke and her "Twilight" team do with Taylor Lautner, an actor who could someday join Lon Chaney and Jason Bateman as the greatest werewolves of all time.

Our interview with Lautner just went live, so be sure to read up on his breakdown of Jacob Black, his new driving skills, and an eagerness to get half-naked. As any Twilighter would expect, the 16-year-old star is eager to film the proposed sequels that would greatly expand his role by putting him into some hairy situations.

"The coolest thing about being a werewolf in the second film, if that were to happen, is to be shirtless; that would be pretty fun," he laughed, thinking about his Portland surroundings. "It would definitely be chilly."

"[Jacob's angry werewolf side] is not like me in real life; I'm like Jacob's Native American side," he explained. "I'm very friendly, outgoing, energetic and easy to talk to. But playing the werewolf side, where he's holding all this anger and stuff inside him, that'd be very different for me. I love to challenge myself as an actor."

Although some Twilighters have voiced concerns that Lautner isn't big enough to portray Jacob in the other books, the actor promises he'll be hitting the gym as soon as "New Moon" gets the green light.

"In the first one, he's just regular and lanky and not crazy," a determined Lautner explained. "But I'm sure after this one, I will be working out, eating my protein, and staying away from the ice cream and the sugar."

As for the look of the transformed werewolves, he said: "I've been curious about that; I'm sure I'll hear about it before I leave, but I haven't heard anything yet…I'm curious to see what that's going to look like."

Alright, Twilighters, now that you've heard Taylor talk about his character, this week's Twilight Tuesday is an obvious one: Are you Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Switzerland?