'Indiana Jones' Toy Skull Functions As Child's Projector, Airport Landing Beacon

One of the best parts of a blockbuster movie is seeing all the crazy tie-ins that companies release, particularly in the toy space -- and nothing's more blockbuster than "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." We already showed you the LEGO figures, so it was with particular delight that a press release just swooped into my inbox with even more previously unseen "Indy" flair.

By way of Uncle Milton Industries comes two new "educational 'Indiana Jones' toy items," both of which are pretty amazing. First up: the "Indiana Jones Crystal Skull Adventure Projector," which zaps out images of archeological sites along with movie stills. But what it does is kinda secondary...it's the photo itself that's the money shot.

After the jump, yet another mesmerizing product...this time combining wireless technology with mutated insects!

So if the wacky projector didn't sell you for Christmas, how about a giant remote control ant? You know, just like the one Short Round used to ride. This bad boy will set you back $29.99. The projector can be had for a measely 40 clams.