Ten 'Twilight' Questions For Fans From Another Hooked MTV Staffer

TwilightDear Twilighters,


Like Sabrina, curiosity got the better of me. Your enthusiasm for "Twilight" made me want to understand the big deal. So, now I've read it. Twice. And I purchased "New Moon" this weekend. But, I have so many unanswered questions about book one that I thought maybe you could help me out before I get into the sequel (which, let's be honest, will probably be as soon as I get home).

1. Why can't Edward read Bella's thoughts?

2. Edward repeated says he's trying to keep Bella alive, that her number was up the moment they met. What is he saving her from, exactly; just himself, or something else?

3. Blood. How is Bella able to smell blood, and why is Edward so interested that she has this ability? Also, why is it significant?

4. There's a lot of werewolf talk in the book -- Jacob Black tells Bella the myth of the Cullens and then Bella dreams about Jacob, werewolves and Edward. But, werewolves don't actually materialize in "Twilight." What happened to the werewolves?

5. My guess is that Billy and Jacob Black are or become werewolves. But if they are, why would Jacob tell Bella the myth at a point in the book where he barely knows her, and basically out himself?

6. Again assuming Jacob = werewolf: Bella has a dream with Jacob and Edward and a werewolf. Can Bella sense truth in the way that Alice can sense the future and Edward can read thoughts? Is her special sense dreaming reality?

7. Can werewolves and vampires sense each other?

8. Edward warns Bella not to go in the woods by herself. What's so dangerous?

9. Alice: still unclear about she was turned. James didn't bite her, right? Who was it?

10. Is Bella going to turn into a vampire? Ok, ok ... don't answer that one!

Much appreciated,

Rachel Josue