No Go On 'Speed Racer': Why Didn't You Go?

'Speed Racer'Let the second guessing begin. The preliminary numbers are in and while we probably don't know if "Speed Racer" will end up in second or third place for the weekend, one thing is for certain: summer knows its first high-profile failure.

So why didn't you go? What made you pass on "Speed Racer" and perhaps opt to see "Iron Man" again (Robert Downey Jr.'s superhero debut continues to rake in the cash)?

Some theories...

-- Emile Hirsch? Great if you want an Oscar-caliber performance in a film like "Into the Wild"...not so great if you want help opening a movie.

-- So who was the audience for this again? The vibrant colors screamed kids. The Wachowskis traditionally scream adults ("Speed Racer" is their first PG film).

-- Nostalgia for "Speed Racer"? Not so much. The love of this character was always a little bit closer to the nostalgia for a "George of the Jungle" than a "Spider-Man."

-- Too big for the small screen. How do you convey a jaw-dropping sensory experience on your 23-inch screen at home? Answer: clearly you don't. Commercials seen from the comfort of your couch couldn't possibly do justice to the Wachowski's grand cinematic vision.

So what gives? Why didn't "Speed Racer" make you go Speed go to the theater?