'Transformers 2’ Producer Talks Casting, Sinks Aircraft Carrier Rumors

'Transformers'Recently, the news broke that Jonah Hill won't be rolling out in "Transformers 2” after all. It's sad, sad news for movie fans hoping the sequel would get a legitimate comedic-sidekick injection rather than, say, filling the role with Dax Shepard.

According to series producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, the movie has had to move on without the "Superbad" star – but we can still expect some big announcements over the next several weeks.

"No, no," he said of Hill's reported casting. "Ultimately, we'll have a couple casting surprises for everybody soon."

Director Michael Bay and returning stars Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox and Jon Voight are reportedly on board to return, and Bonaventura confirmed plans to start shooting the movie in Philadelphia and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania next month.

"Michael's got some really great stuff planned," he added.

The super-producer, who we caught up with this week on the Downey, CA set of his equally massive blockbuster franchise "G.I. Joe," also shot down rumors that Bay would finally create a long-rumored character. "A transforming aircraft carrier?" Bonaventura repeated, denying its existence. "We saw a Japanese film that had something like that, so maybe that's where that comes from."

"We never really talked about that, practically speaking," he said of the character who might or might not have been known as Broadside, and who Bay has said was simply too expensive to create. "There was some Japanese animated movie we saw where that occurred, and we were like ‘Wow! Look at that thing!'"

Would you like to see Broadside in "Transformers 2”? What other robots do you want added to the cast?