You Know What's Interesting About Matthew Fox? This...

We all remember the classic scene from "Knocked Up" where Katherine Heigl's celebrity reporter informs her boyfriend/baby daddy Seth Rogen that she's about to go interview the hunky star of "Lost" Matthew Fox, and his deadpan response.

"You know what's interesting about him?" Rogen's character asks. "Nothing!"

It's one of many funny moments in the high-grossing flick, and everybody remembers it as some good-natured ribbing, right? Well, maybe not everyone.

"I've heard people reference [it]," the "Speed Racer" star responded when I asked him recently about the scene. "Those types of movies are not, like, my deal."

In recent years, we've seen everyone from Steve Carell to Jason Bateman to Ryan Seacrest and William Baldwin tease their image with some prodding from Seth Rogen, Jason Segel and friends.

But at a time when everyone in Hollywood is so eager to hop on board the Judd Apatow train, does Matthew Fox feel differently about the improv king and his comedy troupe? Is he right in doing so? Watch the attached video, and then weigh in with your thoughts.

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