Will 'Twilight' Make You Go, Go, Go To 'Speed Racer'?

The cast of 'Twilight'Quick, when I say "Wing Commander" and "Meet Joe Black," what's the first thing that comes to mind?

If it's "two crappy movies, starring Freddie Prinze and Brad Pitt," you must have actually had a life back in the primitive Internet age of 1998-1999. The rest of us have fond memories of buying tickets to those movies, getting a glimpse at early "Star Wars: Episode I" trailers, and then sneaking out of the theater to go see something else.

Now, the phenomenon might repeat itself some ten years later, as news has broken that "Speed Racer" will hit theaters next Friday with the highly-anticipated "Twilight" teaser attached. That's right, kids, fork over your $10 and you’ll get a two-minute glimpse of Edward and Bella on the big-screen.

You'll also get the bonus of a 129-minute Emile Hirsch movie that some people really, really want to see; others might not.

And here's the rub: If you keep your eyes peeled on these here Internets at the beginning of next week, let's just say that there’s a good chance you’ll discover that very same teaser trailer. It ain't 1998 anymore, folks, and a decade later we've all become more accustomed to watching a hot trailer unfold on our computer monitors.

So, Twilighters, here's a 3-part question of the day: Are you more likely to pay for "Speed Racer" next Friday now that "Twilight" is attached? If so, will you actually stick around to watch "Speed," or sneak into something like "Iron Man"? And finally, if you see the trailer on the Internet next week, how does that impact your decision?